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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Foam Board Barn

Managed to get a few hours in on the model today and managed to complete the texturing on the farmhouse. This piece just needs the two doors inserted and it's ready for roofing.

After this was done I spent a productive few hours on the barn starting with the corner quoins and the small timber doorway to the hayloft. I also added the timber lintel above the main doorway and managed to texture two of the four walls. So all in all not a bad day and it shouldn't be too long now until this piece is also ready for its roof...

Here's a few pics of the progress..

The two pieces are starting to look good together and I'm looking forward to seeing the models painted up.

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks again for the comments!



  1. Would you mind providing the dimensions of the pieces? They both look very good.

  2. Coming along nicely. What are you planning for the roofs?

  3. Very very good sir!
    Truly inspiring!

  4. Looking great. Can't wait to see them painted.


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