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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Foam Board Project. A little more progress

I've managed to do a little more on the farmhouse piece today and have started to add the texturing to the render on the outside of the building...

I made the texturing material by mixing fine sand into ordinary household white emulsion and tried a test piece a few days ago to see how it dried out. I'm really pleased with the result and I think it will look good once the painting and weathering is done..

There is still a little detailing work to do including a couple of doors but it shouldn't be too long now before I can set this piece aside to work on the accompanying barn.

This is a shot of the other side of the farmhouse and as you can see I decided to 'lose' the centre upper storey window as it looked too 'busy'.. It must just be the arty farty artist in me.

Just out of interest I'd like to hear if anyone would ever consider purchasing bespoke pieces like this and more interestingly what gamers would expect to pay for such a piece.... Just curious!

I know for myself that there doesn't seem a great range of pre made buildings on the market, certainly none that have caught my eye anyway.

Anyhow, that's it for now. Thanks for all the comments so far, they inspire me to carry on with the build.


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  1. This looks great Steve. Nice details.

    I could not comment on the purchase of said buildings however as I am sure the postage would add up to kill the market.

    Regards Paul


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