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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Scratchbuild: A little more done

I've managed to put another couple of hours into the model farmhouse today and have started to put the window frames in..

You may notice that I've also removed the window lintels. The originals looked too chunky and having studied a few photos (and a few buildings 'in the flesh) I realised that usually only the window sill actually protrude slightly from the wall surface and as this building will be rendered the actual lintels above the windows would also be covered.

The 'quoins' are now also being added to the corners of the building. I started using pieces of card but wasn't happy with them as they continually sprang off the models surface. After a little thought I ended up slicing the foam into thin slithers and then into 'bricks' These adhered a lot better and have a much better surface texture....

So far so good and I'm enjoying the change from figure painting!


  1. Nice work, Sir. The underlying structure of the building you are modeling is impressive...IMO!

  2. Thanks Jay. I'm quite pleased with it so far.

  3. Nice work Steve - coming along very quickly :)

  4. Thanks Tasmin, I try to put an hour or two a day in just to keep it moving along.. I like many gamers suffer from the 'giving up half way through a project' syndrome but so far I'm enjoying the build.

  5. Very impressive Steve. I am making a few buildings like this myself, as it happens. Very inspired with your work.


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