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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Napoleonic units : Taking Stock

A few (bad) photos of my Napoleonic figures. I came across a great set of old school rules called 'Muskets & Marshals' which upon reading took me right back to my teenage years when I took
Art in some epic games at Stoke Wargames Group.
The rules call for 24 figure infantry and 12 figure cavalry units with artillery batteries being represented by single guns.
I still need to get more units on the table to be happy with the 'look' that I'm after but I think that's the curse of every gamer.... never enough toys!
My French force consists of 8 infantry units, 2 cavalry units and 4 guns a with my combined Austrian  /  Russian force consisting of more or less the same ( with a little more artillery )
I'm currently working on more Russian infantry but also need to get light infantry units for all forces sorted at some point!

Sunday 15 November 2015

Bolt Action pictures

I've been slowly rebuilding my WWII forces up over the past few months using fool old school 1/72nd plastics and this week I had a little time to start a Bolt Action game. I'm enjoying the rule set, it's simple, easy to learn and fun to play ( even solo as I am doing ) . Here's a few pictures of the game so far. Enjoy.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

I'm back!

Ok, just a quick post to let anyone who's interested know that I will be making a return to WWII gaming in the very near future!
My latest project will be based upon using good old 1/76th scale .... or 20mm plastics and I will be using a set of mega simple rules. Maybe I'm just hankering after my youth but I'm really looking forward to it!

Friday 4 January 2013

Blog News

Just a quick line to let everyone know that as part of my new Year plans I've decided to leave this particular blog 'parked up' for now. All future nonsense regarding my wargaming projects will be posted HERE on my other blog.



Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!

Here's wishing all my fellow gamers and bloggers around the globe a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year!!!

All the best everyone.


Monday 15 October 2012

WWII 'Tweets'

Stumbled across this earlier on Twitter... (Yes, I know I'm a sad, sad man) ... RealTimeWWII

Someone is Tweeting events from 1940 onwards in real time .... Take a look.