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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

26 Years ago today ... In memory of my hero

It's hard to believe that it's 26 tears ago today that we lost the great Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. I remember that day well, I had been out for the evening and had taped some programme or other on the VCR to watch when I got home. The video had managed to catch the latter part of the News at 10 bulletin and as I was rewinding the tape I suddenly saw Phil's face flash up on screen. I pressed play immediately to hear the news that he'd left us .... I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a tear or two that night. Phil was my childhood hero and I lived and breathed Thin Lizzy from the late 70's when I stumbled upon the Live & Dangerous album.  
As it seems with all the greats, we lost Phil far too soon. He was just 36 when he passed away. His song writing was sheer poetry and the man's stage presence was immense. I was lucky enough to see Lizzy on several occasions and I was completely in awe of the power the band generated. Duelling guitar solo's, melodic riffs, powerful drumming ... and Phil... Phil was 'Thin Lizzy' and I loved the man... and I miss him.

A few years ago, thanks to the cunningness of my lovely wife, I received a Birthday phone call from Phils' Mother in Ireland. I was totally gobsmacked! .... I was talking to my hero's Mother! She was a delightful lady and you could tell that she took great comfort in the love the Lizzy fans had for her son. A few days later I received two poetry books that Phil had published in the early 70's both of which Mrs Lynott had messaged and signed. I was over the moon and I will cherish these forever

.There will never be another Thin Lizzy but you can hear their influence in many of the bands that have come and gone since Lizzy ruled. That is the sign of a great band ... and a great man.
So, God bless you Phil .... and thank you for all you left us.
RIP my friend.

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