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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Armourfast / Airfix AFV's .. Almost there!

After spending a couple more hours on the AFV's they at last are nearing completion. Following a wash with diluted black acrylic and being allowed to dry I drybrushed  the models in a lighter shade of their original base coat colour.......

So far I'm quite pleased with the results (I'm never 100% happy with anything I paint!) I've still a bit of work to do on the tracks and wheel sections but they're almost there.

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  1. They're looking damned good - nice work :)

  2. Nice camo, is that THE churchill?

  3. They look the business Steve. I would be very happy with these!

  4. Cheers Mike ... It is indeed THE Churchill! An absolute pain to put together!

  5. Thanks Paul, I'm a big fan of Armourfast kits, nice and easy to build, paint up well and are very sturdy little models for the tabletop.

  6. Wow, what a difference from your last post. I like what the wash did to the camo job.

  7. I always have loved the Churchill MKVII. I agree its a pain to assemble but it looks good when done. With a new gun its easy to convert one into a MKVIII close support version .

    Nice looking models and nice to se that you are keeping things simple

  8. Cheers Colonel. Life's too short to over-complicate it, that's what I say!


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