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Thursday, 7 June 2012

A change of scale?

The more I've seen of the Pendraken 10mm figures the more I am tempted to move over to this scale for my WWII gaming.

Having only really dabbled in WWII with my few 1/72nd figures I'm really getting the urge to switch over to this smaller scale and going for it in a bigger way...... Decisions, decisions!

The price of these figures and vehicles is also another big bonus as s the time required to paint the figures up. I shall ponder a little longer but would welcome the views of 10mm gamers.



  1. Wow! 10mm? Hope you've got good eye-sight? :)

    Good luck!

  2. Not completely made my mind up yet but I am sooooo tempted!

  3. 10mm is an interesting scale to wargame with.

    We use 10mm for WWI and some medieval.

    If you want to see our 10mm WWI here' s the link:

    Happy Wargaming.


  4. Thanks Marzio. Your 10mm's look great! At the moment it's looking like a toss up between 10mm and 15mm. I haven't quite decided yet but either scale will enable me to play larger games I suppose.

  5. Yes, both scales are adapted for larger games. I have 6mm Napoleonics, 10mm WWI and 15mm WWII but I'm tempted now by 10mm WWII...
    However I' m tempted by 10mm ACW too...;-)



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