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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Play testing and More Play Testing!

Besides trying to get more stuff painted and built I've been busy running a few mini games up in the den in which I've been testing out and expanding my home-brew rule set.  It's great fun trying to write your own rules as obviously they can be manipulated until you get the type of game that 'you' want. It can also be quite frustrating.......... especially when you don't take notes and that great idea you had an hour ago just disappears into oblivion. The other bugbear is including a rule that seems to make perfect sense in one situation only to turn out to be completely irrelevant in another!

Anyhow, here's a few pictures of the game I'm currently farting about with.........

Behind the German line.

British infantry leading the way forward. You'll see that one rifle team is currently carrying two 'hits' this will affect it's combat efficiency unless their Commander can rally them 'off' before the team needs to activate again.

PzIII's await their infantry support before moving into the attack!

German infantry teams advance with armoured support

British infantry defending the hedgerows. Here we see a HMG team, a LMG team (centre) , an Officer Figure and a rifle team. The dice indicates that the Rifle team has received a hit. In these rules it's always a good idea to keep close to a Command figure as he can 'rally off' hits.
A British Light Mortar team and a Rifle team with supporting Churchill move into the fields. Another planned rule I'm playing with is the idea that infantry teams act as the eyes and ears of the Armour especially against enemy infantry. This keeps the two arms in close support and stops AFV's running riot or blasting infantry from long range.

Any comments welcomed as usual gentlemen (and ladies of course Tasmin!)


  1. Can the hits become kills, or do the unit break after to many hits?

    1. Hi Leif,
      The 'hits' represent more a loss of a units cohesion rather than 'kills' though they do to a certain extent include dead, wounded and 'shocked' troops.
      In the draft version which I play at the moment these 'hits' can only be reduced by a units C/O rallying them during his activation and even then he may only rally one 'hit' from a unit per turn.
      These 'hits' affect a team in two ways: If a player wishes to move a unit carrying 'hits' he must first successfully activate it by rolling 1d6 and beating the teams current 'hit' level. So for example, a team carrying 2 'hits' would need a 3 or better to successfully be able to move. It should be noted that a unit which is not carrying any 'hits' can move without an activation test at the players discretion.
      The second affect of carrying 'hits' is in firing, I won't go into detail here but simply put the higher the units 'hit' count the weaker it's firepower is during combat.
      It should also be said that the game plays by card activation but to a greater degree it is the 'player' that is activated not a particular team. Dependant upon the card drawn a player may activate any team of a certain type (i.e. he may be allowed to activate an infantry team, a Command team or an AFV etc) but not all units will activate every turn as included in the card deck is the Turn End card which stops play for that particular round. The cards are all re-shuffled and all units previously activated in the last round are now 'back in play'
      The crux of the rules is really what a player decides to do during his turn. Does he withdraw a damaged team? does he fire at that M/G/team that's harassing his flank? or does he attempt to rally one of his own teams before they are destroyed completely.
      I'm waffling on now, but in answer to your question, when a unit reaches a certain amount of hits then yes, it is deemed destroyed and removed from play.
      Thanks for the question and I hope all this drivel makes sense!

    2. Sounds a little bit like IABSM; but they have two kinds of hits -- shock and kills.

      What happens when a unit has six hits, you can't roll over it to activate them?

    3. 6 is the dreaded score Leif and a unit is removed from play. Hopefully you have enough time to rally hits from units before this happens but that's all part of the game, you either use time to 'repair' damaged units or you press on with intact units in the hopes of causing damage to your enemy!

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  3. Great looking set up Steve. the work on the loft really is paying dividends.

    1. Thanks Paul. Yes, it's good to have somewhere to escape to at last!


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