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Friday, 10 August 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

I have recently become very disillusioned with both my Napoleonic and my WWII projects mainly down to the fact that I really can't find a rule set that gives me the right type of 'feel' I want from a wargame. This being the case I have done very little by way of either playing or painting during the past few weeks. However, I did come across Memoir'44 which I have been playing online and this has been a real find in so far as it has re-ignited my enthusiasm for gaming.
The game is simple but strangely addictive and I have really enjoyed playing it over the tinterweb. Now Lee over on his excellent blog has successfully transferred the boardgame Command & Clolours Napoleonics onto his tabletop and this really got me to thinking as to whether I should do the same with Memoir'44. It would mean starting over, possibly a switch in scale and I'm currently considering 6,10 or 15mm figures for this project. I'm lucky enough to have a permanent 8' x 4' table so with the smaller scale figures I can imagine some pretty big games being played! .I will also be altering my tabletop or laying a new 'hex' surface of some type so if anyone has any suggestions for this then please let me know!
Anyway, I'm reall looking forward to getting started on this so stay tuned for progress reports in the near future!

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  1. Steve I would suggest kallistra hexon terrain for your table top. i use it for C&C Ancient you can see a few pics here.


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