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Friday, 12 August 2011

My Valiants project

Well I finally made a start on my Valiant figures this week and here is a (crap) pic of two of them prior to basing. The Valiant range seems to be quite maligned by a number of gamers due to their size and the apparent lack of any available vehicles to suit the figures. Personally I love 'em! and think for the cost they offer superb value. The sculpting is crisp and nicely detailed and the figure poses and weapon varieties are second to none. 
In all I have 4 boxes to get through (2 x Brits and 2 x German) and so far I'm finding the figures quite easy to get through. I'm not too concerned regarding vehicles as most of my planned games will be infantry based actions. Saying that, I have seen these figures against the likes of Armourfast kits and the Rapid Fire 'ready to roll' range and they look just fine to me.
Anyway, more (and better!) pics to follow once I get a few more painted and based......

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