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Monday, 15 August 2011

Simple basing.

Having painted up my first small batch of the excellent Valiant figures I now started to think about basing. After scouring the internet and seeing some of the amazing work (and some not so amazing!) I decided on the 'simple' approach.

Now I appreciate a well painted and well based figure but I have to say that I think some gamers are going to the extreme. I personally prefer to game rather than to sit painting and basing for months on end. Some of the basing I've come across is quite superb ... if a little impractical for wargaming and some is just downright over the top with sections of landscape following the troops around the table .... "just let me check before I move out Sarge .....Rifle....check.....Ammo....check.... my section of stone wall with pretty flowering foliage growing over it.....check"

Not for me thank you. A simple base will suffice.

For my own figures I first attach the piece to a good old UK 2p piece.....

After this I coat the coin and the figure base in household filler (the decorators type) .....

Once dry, I paint the filler and the coin edge in a flat, dark brown followed by a couple of quick dry brushes with a progressively lighter shade.  Finally I add scatter... in this case Woodland Scenics Blended Turf.

I will probably add some very small clumps of foliage to one or two bases just to break things up a little but to me these will do just fine.

And there you have it .... Simples!


  1. Great thanks for sharing!!

  2. That is EXACTLY the same way as I do it! Only difference is your minis are better painted than mine.

  3. Thanks Thomas! .. I don't rate myself at all as a figure painter but I must admit that the plastic Valiants really do paint up a treat!


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