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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Valiant progress ....

Here's my first batch of Brit and German Valiant figs all ready to go .....

First up the German troops. I'm basing my troop formations on the Rapid Fire set up even though I won't be using these rules (I'm not a fan) I do like the 'company' based units.
Here we have 1st Company with part of the HQ unit in the background. As you can see (or possibly can't as this is yet another crap photo) I've gone for the Fieldgrau colour for their uniform. It's a little strange at first when painting this colour as I've always thought of the German infantry uniform as grey and fieldgrau is more of a green colour. However, once finished I think these figs look ok!

Next up the Brits....

Yet another crap photo! .. (it doesn't do them justice ....honestly) Again one company completed and part of the HQ also done.
I'm currently painting the 2nd German company along with the remainder of the German HQ and a MG42 stand plus crew.
I find that a company at a time is just about right for me as I've tried 'bulk' painting before and it really doesn't work for me. Anyhow, I'll crack on ..... Any comments are very welcome.


  1. Those bases do look good! I might just have to steal your idea 8D

    Keep the pictures coming.


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