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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sigh..... Oh the memories....

Does anyone else remember these two 70's classics....

I remember bugging my Mum and Dad to despair over Fighter Command!... and bless them both, they came up trumps. I particularly remember waking one Christmas morning to find both this game and......

'Tank Battle'.... That was one of the best Christmas's of all time! and these games along with later additions (such as Waddingtons 'Campaign') definitely set me on the path toward miniature wargaming.
I'd never even heard of Tank Battle before that Christmas morning but it seems my Mum and Dad must have already noticed the interest I had in all things military. 
Golden days indeed . Can you imagine presenting these to a fresh faced 12 year old today? .. They'd probably laugh in your face.
I had hours of fun with what was nothing more than pieces of plastic, card and a couple of dice back then........... Nothing's changed come to think of it!

Came across the aforementioned Campaign' game on ebay earlier...

Now if the Wife got me this again for Christmas I'd be very pleased! This was one of my favourites as a youngster. Charging across Europe and devastating my brothers' armies with some fantastical strategic plan..... Those were the days.


  1. Oh yes , Chirstmas morning , Play tank Battle for hours , Great time

  2. Tank Battle looks vaguely familiar - but I still have my (very battered) copy of Fighter Command! Happy days.

  3. Like Tim I vaguely remember Tank battle..the rest I have never seen.

  4. Hi

    Great nostalgia I had Tank Battle and much fun with it trying to capture enemy fuel dumps but I kept losing those little flags one placed on back of the 'Panther' Tanks !!
    Loved Campaign two although I could never get an enemy Capital :-)



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