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Friday, 16 September 2011

First FUBAR squads ready to go!

At long last after weeks of real life interruptions my  first batch of British and German infantry squads are ready to field....

First up my Brits... (Click on images to enlarge)

The figures are from the Valiants range ...much maligned by some but for me some of the best figures on the market.

The squads are organised into 5 man fire teams and a M/G stand. I'm hoping these will be enough to get me going using the FUBAR rules (with a few tweaks) .

Next up, the German squads...

I'll be expanding these forces in the future by painting one squad at a time. These will be ideal for the skirmish games I have planned while I build the forces up for bigger games in the future.

Hope you all like them!


  1. They look the business.
    Come on the British!

  2. Great work with the modelling and the camera!

  3. Thanks guys, The Valiants' paint up really nicely and I must admit to being particularly pleased with them.


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