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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Armourfast Panzer III Completed

Finished off the PzIII today and was quite pleased with the finished item. Haven't built any armour kits for a year or two now so I don't think it's too bad an effort....

It made a welcome change from figure painting but even though I do have another PzIII built I think it will be a while before it gets painted...if indeed it does get painted as most of my games will be infantry based so a tank turning up will be a rare. Two tanks turning up will be rarer still!

The next AFV I plan will be the good old British Cromwell when I can get my hands on the Armourfast kit.


  1. A good result Steve. Perhaps paint the other one up in the early grey scheme so you can get a variety of periods out of the PzIII?

  2. Now that sounds like a plan! Cheers Paul.


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