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Monday, 20 February 2012

Comment problems on Blogger

Is anyone else having problems leaving comments on some peoples blogs or is it just me? For some reason when I go to leave a comment on other blogs I get asked to 'comment as' and then there is a small drop down box alongside it. The box contains no information and will not drop down!!!. Infuriating when you want to pass comment on a bloggers excellent work.

When I try to 'publish' my comment I just get a red message saying 'Please choose a Profile'.....yes, from the dropdown that contains no information and won't drop down...Dagnabbit!!!

If anyone is suffering from this on their own blog I would recommend they go into their dashboard and select SETTINGS..... then select POSTS & COMMENTS and under COMMENT LOCATION select POP UP as this feature at least enables folk to post comments on your blog.

There's nothing worse than blogging when you think the whole World is fecking ignoring you!

That's my rant for today. Thank you for listening and please leave a comment.....if you can of course!

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