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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Crusader Publishing: Superb Service

Last weekend my Dell Mini decided to self-destruct which left me with all the rule set downloads I'd purchased recently unobtainable... I wasn't best pleased with said piece of electronic garbage and having messed around with it for several hours I dispatched it to the back of the cupboard where the useless piece of crap will stay.

Over the past few months I'd purchased several rule sets including LFS from the Lardies, March Attack and just last week Drums & Shako's new Large Battles set, these are all now floating around somewhere and are of no use to man nor beast.

As well as my Napoleonic sets my biggest disappointment was losing Rate of Fire from Crusader Publishing as, after trawling through a myriad  of WWII rules looked very much like being my rules of choice.

However, all was not lost. I contacted Mark at Crusader and explained my predicament and asked if there was any chance that he could send me the download again (by this time I was using my wife's stoneage laptop) and very kindly he obliged. After trying to download the rule set again it became apparent that this other piece of electronic scrap was incapable of handling the download.

I contacted Mark again and thanked him for his kindness and explained what had happened and informed him that I would purchase the printed book version instead. Within a few moments Mark had emailed to inform me that he was sending a printed book out to me the next day free of charge!

Now that is great customer service. 

The book arrived today and I am over the moon with it. I shall be ordering from Crusader again without hesitation.

One thing it has taught me; Pay the extra and get the book. I'm getting quite a collection now and I must admit there's is a certain pleasure to be had by having a selection of well presented rule books around to browse through.

Thanks again to Mark at Crusader, you are a Gent!

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