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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit Organisation # 2

Following on from yesterdays posting regarding using Rapid Fire 'companies' as Rate of Fire 'squads' here's how a typical German section would look...

Click to enlarge:

As you can see the section consists of 1 x SMG armed NCO,  1 x MG42 Gunner and Loader plus 5 riflemen ( one of which is also armed with the one shot Panzerfaust )

I think these 'units' should work well with the RoF rules and look forward to the day when I can actually try them out!

I'm a big fan of Valiants even though I know some gamers have problems with their scale (they're probably best described a 26-27mm figs rather than 1/72nd) but I don't have a problem with that. Yes, they may be a bit chunky but they are really nicely detailed and easy to paint and there are certainly much worse figures on the market!
For the price, the quality and the variety of weaponry in each set I don't think you can go wrong with them.


  1. Very nice looking Soldat! You have done a wonderful job on the faces. I have enjoyed modeling and gaming with plastic figures for 60+ years...Hoorah for plastic!!

  2. Amen to that Jay! Plastics rule in my book.


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