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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ebay Armour (WIP)

Over the past few weeks I've picked up a few ebay goodies in the form of a couple of Armourfast kits ans an Airfix Churchill ......

I'm a big fan of the Armourfast kits and the Pz III J's and the single Pz IV D went together with no problems but the Airfix Churchill was a complete pain in the arse to put together! Not only is it full of tiny pieces (i.e. wheels!) and has the crappy rubber tracks that are impossible to glue but the kit as a whole must have been tooled by Stevie Wonder as nothing lines up with anything else!

Needless to say I won't be building another Airfix Churchill in a hurry.

Armourfast Pz IV D

Armourfast Pz III J

I've just started to put the base coat colours on so there's still quite a bit to do! I'm on the look out for a couple of Armourfast British Cromwells next to help bolster the British forces.


  1. Good score Steve. It is called the Airfix Churchill curse mate and you can bet it has struck the majority of us.

    You need to construct a jig too align them correctly. Your efforts look spot on.

  2. Nice work, shame about the Stevie Wonder mouldings!!

  3. nice blog.pegasus has some fine fast build models as well.i have a few armourfast in the stash also.someday...someday.

  4. Yep.. the Airfix churchill has two key problems. The turret isn't quite right, and the bogies are an absolute b*strad to put together in perfect alignment. In fact, if you push them all the way down on their pins, (as you would assume you have to do), then the tracks don't fit right.

  5. My biggest problem was the tracks. I ended up cutting each track into three sections to get them to fit the bogies! .. Then one half of the hull wouldn't meet upto the other and finally I had to make a small plastic washer to lift the turret slightly so the bloody thing would turn without catching on the hull! ... Apart from that no problem at all! Lol.


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