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Monday, 18 June 2012

Rate of Fire AFV Supplement

Those who pass by here regularly will know that although I don't use RoF in it's published form I am a fan of the rule system and it's various mechanisms. It's simple to play , easy to tweak and gives a good, fun game.. What more do you want from a rule set?

Anyway, as my infantry forces slowly expand I've decided it's time to introduce a few vehicles to the fray and so over the weekend I ordered the RoF AFV Supplement from Mark at Crusader Publishing.

The supplement is purchased as a digital download and as usual I had problems actually opening it as my PC absolutely detests Zip files. After much cursing I gave up and contacted Mark who kindly re-sent the download as a PDF file ..... My PC can handle these no problem and within a few minutes I was giving the supplement a read through.

I have to admit that for the price (£5 if I remember rightly) you get one hell of a lot of info on WWII AFV's. As well as a run down on how vehicles are handled during a RoF game the supplement also contains stats for over 500 vehicles from various nations!

As with the standard RoF rules I'll be picking these apart over the next few weeks to include then with my own RoF based rule set. 

These stats are invaluable to any gamer and I'd wholeheartedly recommend both the service and the product.

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