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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

10mm ..... It's the future!

Yesterday I received the sample packs of German and US riflemen from Pendraken and I'm mightily impressed! This is the first time I've seen 10mm scale 'in the flesh' so to speak and already I'm hooked. The detail is superb, the quality of the casting is excellent and I love the actual scale of the things.
So, I think that's decision made as far as my WWII gaming goes and I'll be changing over to 10mm in the very near future and my Valiant 1/72nd will be making their way to ebay.
I'll try and get these painted up soon but if anyone has any info on US infantry uniform colours then please let me know (preferably Humbrol enamels or Tamiya acrylics)



  1. There are tutorials on the Flames of War site, but they are for vallejo paints. You have to translate the colours to humbrol.
    If I recall correctly, there are tutorials too on the SHQ website, and on the Elhiem miniatures. Please tell me if you don´t find the sites. I don´t have the links at hand.

    1. Thanks Emilio, I'll take a look at those.

    2. Steve, more painting guides here:
      They are for 28mm, but the paint references are handy.

      If you don´t need your 20mm stuff anymore, tell me!! :)

  2. You can take a look at my blog: :)

  3. If I don' t make a mistake...I' ve already suggested 10mm...;-)



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