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Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Alternative Q & A's

Having read some of the results of the '20 Questions' which has been going around just lately I thought I'd ask a few questions of myself (as I really can't be arsed to answer all the original questions!)

1. Favourite wargaming eras:

My first dabble as a kid was WWII closely followed by Napoleonic.... though I've never found a rule system that I could 100% stick to for either era. This usually causes me to become extremely bored and hence I tend to switch constantly between the two.

2. Wargaming era / genre / scale I'd like to try in the future:

I would like to try ACW in 10mm at some point. Whether that will ever happen is anyone's guess.

3. Least favourite gaming era / genre:

 Fantasy ... I just don't get it and it's players are usually quite disturbed. I once overheard a conversation at some show or other where two Goth types were seriously discussing 'spells'...... Wargamers shouldn't be associated with these people. 'Play historical games or get out' would be my club motto....If I had a club....Which I haven't. ....Also anyone that plays sports-based figure games .... ???? WTF is that about?

4. Favourite General:


5. Favourite author / book:

Anything by Antony Beevor

6. Favourite Band /Musical Artist

Easy: Thin Lizzy first and foremost.
Foo Fighters
Judas Priest
Ozzy Osbourne
Green Day
Van Halen (early stuff)

7. Favourite films:

Saving Private Ryan
The Exorcist
The Wedding Singer
Debbie Does Dallas

8.Favourite TV series:

Family Guy
American Dad
South Park
Band of Brothers

9. Fantasy relationship.

Easy. My wife. Sounds corny I know but I'd be lost without her.

10. Favourite food:

Indian closely followed by Italian

11. Things I hate:

Getting out of bed.
Ignorant people.
Food shopping.... The only reason for a public massacre in my opinion.
Radio one DJ's
So called 'Talent Shows'
Reality TV shows
Quiz shows
Impatient drivers
Davina McCall ..... God I hate that face pulling cow.
Peter Andre ..... I couldn't give a flying f#ck about your life Peter!
People who don't say thank you.
People who play music like the rest of the World wants to hear it.
People who insist on talking extremely loudly in the street no matter what time of night it is.
Port Vale fans
Slow internet connections
Yoghurt... There really is no need for that shit.
The National Lottery set up.
People who haven't emptied a room when I turn up to fit a carpet for them.
People who empty the contents of their nasal passages in the street.
Mard-arsed kids.
White teenagers who think they're black dudes.
All politicians
Political correctness
Our Nanny State
Mayonaise ...... Try buying a sandwich WITHOUT mayo.... Bloody awful stuff.
Sea food
Comedian Jimmy Carr's laugh.... Listen to it next time he's on.... oooh, like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Graham Norton... I wonder if he'd use his annoying false laugh if I set him alight.
Graham Norton ...... again...... as I can't convey enough how much that talentless dick wad annoys me!
Sky News 
All 80's rock music
All 80's pop music
All 80's sit-coms
The 80's
Did I mention Graham Norton?

That'll do for now.


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